Introduction of different waste tire recycling solution

I often hear my customers that he want to start a waste tire recycling business, but confused about the different solution, why some only need one single machine, one need a complete production line, today I will show you two of my customers' demand, you will see why it is different:

First customer, he wants to recycle the car tire with diameter no more than 800mm, the final size needed is 50mm tire chips for Pyrolysis for electricity generation, and the capacity need is 3 tons per hour.

Knowing the demand, I recommended the solution like this: first the waste tire will be put on the chain belt conveyor, and are sent to the double shaft shredder by the chain belt conveyor, then the waste tire will be shredded bu double shaft shredder, the final size after double shaft shredder is about 50X200mm tire strips, so we add a rotary screen around the double shaft shredder, the screen mesh size is 50mm, the tire chips small than 50mm will be discharged, the tire chips bigger than 50mm will be shredded again, then the qualified tire chips will be delivered to the cracking furnace by a belt conveyor.

Secondary customer, he wants to recycle the big truck tire with diameter bigger than 1000mm, and the final product size he need is 80mesh rubber powder, with capacity about 5 tons per hour.

Based on this demand, the solution will be different: The chain belt conveyor, the double shaft shredder, the rotary screen will be same design, but different model. After get 50mm tire chips after the rotary screen, a steel wire separator is needed to make the 50mm tire chips to about 10mm tire particles, and then a grinding mill is needed to make the 10mm tire particles to 80 mesh rubber powder, also dust control system is needed.

tire recycling production line

So we can see that the production line designs are totally different when the idea of tire recycling is different, so when you want to start the tire recycling business, the early survey about the usage of the final tire products is important, come to us to get your waste tire recycling solution.

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