Industrial Waste Shredder Machine

The main purpose of industrial shredder is to shred waste, reducing the size of the fraction of materials, for subsequent use, disposal or recycling. Shredders are generally used to crush waste or recyclable materials into a smaller fraction, for volume reduction, followed by compaction. Some types of secondary raw materials, such as metal, plastic, PET bottles, rubber, wood, etc., are reduced to chip sizes - from 30x30 cm to 10x10 cm, for subsequent shredding with a secondary shredder or for sale in the form of chips.

Shredders, depending on the production need, structurally differ in the number of shafts - from one to four shafts. Shredders have in their design a different number of shredding elements installed both on the rotor and on the fuselage.

Industrial Waste Shredder Machine

As a rule, to achieve the set task of shredding materials to a certain size, several equipment are used, for example: for shredding car tires, it is necessary to use 1 - 2 shredders for coarse shredding and 1 - 2 grinders to achieve a size of 3 mm. The size of the fraction from the shredder is regulated by the installed sieve with the required mesh diameter. The resulting materiales from this equipment, allows further processing to produce useful products, for example: from wood to briquettes for the furnace, from rubber to rubber tiles, additives for the production of road surfaces, rubber platforms, from flex film to the production of granules, etc.

Wastes that can be processed by industrial shredders:

  • municipal solid waste (MSW)
  • metal
  • plastic
  • PET bottles
  • bulky waste
  • wood
  • rubber
  • other solid waste

GEP Ecotech Industrial Waste Shredder Manufacturer

GEP Ecotech, an ISO and CE certified engineering company provides technological solutions and equipment for Shredding, Municipal Solid Waste Compost Plants, Waste Incineration and Process Heating.

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