Industrial Garden Waste Shredder for Sale

Why do we need industrial garden waste shredder?

With the improvement of living standards, people have higher and higher requirements for the greening rate of the living environment. A large amount of garden waste such as branches and leaves generated by large-scale landscaping in cities is also increasing year by year. Traditional incineration and landfill not only occupy space, but also cause secondary environmental pollution, which is no longer suitable for the development of the times, and the recycling of garden waste is imminent.

After a series of treatments including crushing, garden waste can be turned into bio-organic fertilizer, realizing "turning waste into treasure". However, where to buy a suitable industrial garden waste shredder has troubled many people, because the quality of industrial garden waste shredders on the market is different, and improper selection will affect the disposal efficiency of the entire production line. So what types of industrial garden waste shredders are there? How to choose? Let us know about it today.

Common models of industrial garden waste shredders for sale

Mobile Industrial Garden Waste Shredder

GW series industrial garden waste shredder integrates mobile chassis, feeding, crushing, conveying, magnetic separation and other process equipment. It is an ideal equipment for the treatment of scattered garden waste in the city and suburbs. Compared with the fixed industrial garden waste shredder, it eliminates the impact of factors such as crushing site, environment, disposal volume, electricity, etc. on production, and is easy to install and flexible.

mobile shredder

Stationary industrial garden waste shredder

GDL series bulky waste shredders are suitable for the shredding and disposal of garden branches, roots, bark and other garden wastes. This series of products are designed with low speed and high torque, and have the advantages of large shearing force, good crushing effect, low noise and high stability. Features. The particle size of the crushed material is uniform, which is convenient for terminal disposal such as transportation, transfer, resource regeneration, incineration and power generation. It is the core equipment to solve the problem of low-value solid waste disposal.

According to different uses and different discharge sizes, the selection of industrial garden waste shredders will also be different. Everyone will choose equipment according to their actual needs. GEP ECOTECH has various models of industrial garden waste shredders for sale, if you want to know more, please contact us!

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