The importance of plastic recycling

Everyday, we will use many plastic package, and make many plastic waste, but we don't have good way to dispose it, many plastic waste are dumped to the ocean directly, The Ocean Conservancy reported that China, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam dump more plastic in the sea than all other countries combined, but this will make great damage to our environment, thus many countries have rules to reduce the use of plastic, but at the same time, the good way to dispose plastic waste is also very important.

plastic  waste

Since almost all plastic is non-biodegradable,recyclingcan be part of reducing plastic in the waste stream. This is important, for example, for reducing the approximately 8 million metric tons ofwaste plasticthat enters the Earth's ocean every year.However, because of the complexity of recycling, a substantial amount of plastic that is collected for recycling is processed in other ways, such as throughtrash incineration.

GEP ECOTECH have rich experience on plastic waste pre-treatment, let me introduce you a common plastic waste disposal production, forklifts send piles of plastic waste to the feed port of the production line, through the feeding conveyor into the first shredding, magnetic separation, and then into the secondary shredding, and after the final sorting, get different kinds of products. The whole production line is with high automation, only 2 or 3 workers can complete the operation, which saves the material operation cost and labor cost. This intelligent plastic waste disposal production line has won the recognition and praise of users with high quality and strict standards.

plastic  recycling

Hope more and more people have the consciousness to reduce the usage the plastic, and the plastic waste can be properly disposed to reduce the white pollution to our earth.

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