How to recycle bulky waste materials

Bulk and large items-such as furniture, TVs, kitchen appliances, washing machines or bathroom accessories, are traditionally classified as bulky waste. After sorting, these bulky waste may be too large to be recycled in the usual way, but Bulk garbage is too valuable to be used. So how to recycle bulky waste materials?

bulky waste

How to recycle bulky garbage of various sizes and weights?

Although bulky garbage is difficult to dispose of, it contains a lot of useful materials for recycling and sales. Many of the difficulties in handling bulky waste boil down to size. Large objects can cause headaches during transportation, and moving them is usually expensive. If the bulk waste is reduced to a suitable particle size first, the bulk waste can be treated like other waste types.

Pre-shredding bulky waste can compactly load materials, thereby reducing transportation costs. The smaller the size after crushing, the higher the efficiency of waste treatment: screening and sorting can be done more accurately.

What are the bulky waste disposal equipment?

Stationary pre-shredder


Fine crusher

Typical project case of bulky waste recycling

bulky waste recycling

Client: China, Zhengzhou Domestic Waste Sorting Center

Material: sofas, mattresses, tables and chairs and other large garbage

Size after crushing: <300mm

Output: 4-8t/h

Crushing purpose: volume reduction, incineration for power generation

Customer evaluation: GEP's bulky waste disposal plan fits the actual situation of the project and meets our various needs. It takes less than one minute for a waste mattress to "load-crush-sort-discharge", which greatly improves the efficiency of large waste disposal!

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