How to Choose Solid Waste Shredder?

Could you tell me the advantages of your shredder? Could you make proposal for my project? How much is a solid waste shredder? How long is the delivery time? These questions are need to be asked before purchasing a shredder, because these are the factors that influence the clients to choose solid waste shredder.

About GEP, we have GI patented intelligent monitoring system, patented integral shredder chamber design, high quality raw material with finishing processing and high quality auxiliary equipment, which are some parts of our shredder advantages.

GEP are a professional shredder manufacturer, we have technical team includes R & D team and technical service team, which ensure we can provide proper solutions.

GEP as the shredder manufacturer, we produce the shredder by ourselves, choosing GEP can avoid pay the price difference to middleman, we can also ensure the after-sales service.

About the delivery time, if we have shredder in stock, the delivery will be very short. If we do not have any in stock, we will do our best to complete the delivery under the premise of ensuring the quality.

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