How much money is a double shaft carton shredder?

At present, the common carton shredder on the market is a double shaft shearing shredder, which uses the working principle of mutual shearing, tearing and squeezing between knives to process carton garbage. How much money is a double shaft carton shredder is a concern for many customers, so let's talk about this briefly.

double shaft carton shredder

Two-shaft carton shredders are also divided into models. Different models have different output, discharge size, crushing cavity, etc., and there will naturally be some differences in prices.

In fact, the price of the double-shaft carton shredder has a certain relationship with the function and equipment material. The same equipment is produced by different manufacturers, using different materials and different processing techniques, the price of the double-shaft carton shredder will have certain differences.

In a sense, the price of dual-shaft carton shredder equipment is determined by the customer's demand. In addition, the actual use environment is different and the requirements for the equipment are relatively high. The double shaft carton shredder that can match the project well is relatively important.

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