How Much Does Wood Shredder Cost

There are many uses for waste wood recycling, which can be used for biological particles, particleboard, papermaking, boiler fuel, etc. Wood shredders are equipment to help waste wood recycling and reuse. Therefore, many people care about how much does wood shredder cost. The editor tells you that the price of wood shredders ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, and there are also equipment of one million or more, depending on the specific wood shredder model.

waste wood

What do manufacturers need to know about the quotation of wood shredder?

In fact, instead of worrying about the price of the shredder at the beginning, it is better for you to tell the manufacturer what raw materials you are dealing with, how much output you want, how fine you need the finished product, and how big the factory site you are going to do. Knowing this, the wood shredder manufacturer can recommend the appropriate equipment model and quote the approximate price for you. After you listen, consider whether it meets your expectations!

Common equipment for wood shredders

The commonly used wood shredder is a double-shaft shredder, also known as a shearing shredder. It has the characteristics of low speed, high torque, large production capacity, and wide applicability of materials. It can shreds wood furniture, branches, trunks, roots and other wood well. Let's take a look at this equipment with pictures below!

GDB double shaft shredder

Our GDB double shaft shredder is a very good wood shredder with a production capacity of 1 to 60 tons per hour. It has been widely used in large-scale wood shredding projects and has won unanimous praise from customers. Here, the editor sincerely reminds you that when you consider doing a wood shredding project, consider the overall project, choose the appropriate wood shredder and other equipment, do not be too obsessed with the price, and do not cause the project to fail because of the greed for temporary cheapness.

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