how much does an industrial waste shredder cost

What are industrial waste

Industrial wastes are wastes produced by industrial activities. These wastes can be used or leftover materials that were produced during production in any factory or mine. They were there at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. Some examples of industrial waste are paint, sandpaper, paper products, industrial by-products, metal fragments, and radioactive waste. Toxic waste, chemical waste, industrial solid waste and municipal solid waste can all be industrial waste.

Gep Ecotech industrial waste shredder

GDI Series Shredder is a multi-purpose dual-shaft shredder for reducing industrial and commercial wastes. It shreds various materials into optimum shapes and sizes for recycling, incineration, or landfill. GDI has unimaginable stability and is always reliable, which makes it possible to cope with the demand for waste disposal under the harshest working conditions.

How much does an industrial waste shredder cost?

Gep Ecotech is focusing on offering customized solutions for our customers, meanwhile,we have rich experience in different designs for various of materials such as waste fabrics,cloth, ragger wires etc.

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