Heavy duty shredder machine Philippines for biomass power station

Now, the GEP heavy duty shredder machine have been running well in the 25MW biomass power station Philippines, and have been highly praised by local customers. Let me briefly introduce this project!

heavy duty shredder machine philippines

What can the heavy duty shredder machine Philippines do?

In the 25mw power station Philippines, three heavy duty shredder machine work at the same time, which can crush 40 tons of biomass materials such as straws per hour, and crush them into blocks with a size of less than 100mm, making them easy to store, transport and Large-scale supply.

How the heavy duty shredder machine Philippines work?

The biomass raw materials such as straws are transported from the raw material yard to the workshop by vehicles. The biomass raw materials are stacked in sequence along the feeding direction of the chain conveyor to prepare for feeding. After the raw materials enter the heavy duty shredder machine, they are pushed into the shredder by the upper presser for crushing.

The crushed biomass raw materials are concentrated on a discharge conveyor, and the output biomass fuel will be processed in the next step.

After the GEP heavy duty shredder machine Philippines was successfully put into production as planned, the effect exceeded customer expectations, which is also the first in the entire biomass disposal industry! If there is a demand for heavy duty shredder machine, please contact us for more project and equipment details!

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