Heavy duty scrap metal shredder for sale

What is scrap metal?

Several kinds and also large amounts of metals are used in industrial processes every day, metal is therefore crucial to sustaining our living standard. Therefore, there are also so many scrap metal are produced everyday. From industry, living, mining and many other channel, we produced so many scrap waste.

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What's the damage of scrap metal?

The huge scrap metal make many damage to our earth. The production of scrap metal results in a significant depletion of natural resources; Metal waste also indirectly contributes to the global warming problem; Also pollute the earth, the air, water and so on. So proper scrap metal recycling is important.

What's the process of scrap metal recycling?

Usually, several steps are needed for the scrap metal recycling.

1.Collecting: Depending on the value of the metals, scrap metals can either be collected for recycling purposes or end up in landfills. Metals not valuable enough will be dumped into landfills while precious metals will be collected in order to recycle them.

2.Sorting: the different metals have to be separated and sorted.

3.Reduce the volume: Since the scrap metal usually is quite bulky and space-consuming, it has to be made more compact in order to make it suitable for shredding purposes in the next step.

4.Shredding: By using scrap metal shredding machines, metal waste is disassembled into small pieces of metal.

5.Other process: After shredding the scrap metal can further Melting, Purification, Solidifying and finally are used for different industrial processes.

heavy duty metal scrap shredder

Heavy duty scrap metal shredder for sale

During the process of metal scrap recycling, shredding is the necessary process. GEP Ecotech provide heavy duty scrap metal shredder, we have rich experience on metal waste process. We provide primary shredder, double shaft shredder, four shaft shrdder, mobile shaft shredder for different use. If you also want to buy a heavy duty scrap metal shredder for you, welcome to contact with Gep ECOTECH any time, we are always willing to provide suitable solution.

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