All-Purpose Industrial Shredder for Sale

For many waste management/recycling companies, or small waste disposal contractors, the waste to be processed is always changing. A more complex production line can certainly solve most problems, but it will also increase the overall investment cost. For small projects (less than 10 tons per hour), we recommend the use of all-purpose industrial shredders, which can significantly help small and medium-sized enterprises and private investors reduce risks.

What is All-Purpose Shredder?

It is a dual-shaft industrial-grade shredder with powerful redundancy capabilities, which is born to meet complex and severe production tasks for a long time. Its top-level configuration (can be customized) can ensure its long-term service life and be competent for all kinds of difficult material disposal tasks.

All-Purpose Shredder

Advantages of All-Purpose Shredder

  • With a wide range of material adaptability, it can easily cope with almost all common solid waste disposal tasks.
  • It has extraordinary potential and can do better in areas where competitors cannot. Find Our Projects
  • Good expansion performance, accessories can be added as needed.

All-Purpose Shredder Applications

The double shaft all-purpose shredder meets the shredding needs of all solid materials, including plastic, fabric, cardboard, wood, organic waste, electronic waste, tires, metal, etc. It is applied in waste volume reduction, recycling, destruction and so on. GEP Ecotech's twin-shaft shredder has been used by waste management companies, biomass power plants, paper mills, tire recycling companies, plastic recycling companies, biogas companies, municipal companies, waste power plants, landfills, etc.

All-Purpose Shredder Price?

The all-purpose shredder is a generic name for a type of products, and customers usually don't ask for its price directly. Of course, we are happy to provide you with a reference quotation. Just tell us your basic needs, you will get a approximate price very soon.

About GEP Ecotech - Shredder & Crusher Manufacturer

GEP Ecotech., CO. LTD is a solid waste disposal equipment provider. It designs, develops and manufactures industrial shredders, crushers, screening and other equipment, and is committed to helping waste management companies and contractors improve the efficiency of waste treatment and recycling, reduces risks, guarantees the long-term operation capability, and increases sustainability. The shredder and crusher produced by GEP Ecotech provide the best size reduction effect to ensure production capacity and safety; GEP Ecotech looks forward to working with you to provide more possibilities for your next project.

How to Contact Us

Leave your request on this page and our representative will contact you and answer any questions you have. See also Small Industrial Shredder for Sale

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Binu Jacob Mathews
Binu Jacob Mathews8 months ago


Kelly8 months ago

Hi, I'm a student from University of Melbourne, wondering is that possible to have the rhino model of Mobile Shredder GPW Series for study purpose only?

Shamim9 months ago

We are currently running a Organic Fertilizer Production. We require an Industrial Shredder to shred our agricultural input. Our input mainly consists of banana trees and other smaller tress. Awaiting a prompt reply.

Philippe9 months ago

I am in the process of approaching several potential customers who might need shredders for plastic and for cardboard (also paper). The industrial shredder would basically be used for all the containers we can buy off the shelf (cans, bottles, etc.). As regards cardboard and paper, the shredder must be able to tear cardboard boxes (moving type), boxes opened beforehand. Do you have a range of products already marketed for one or the other of these two ranges of materials? Are there solar energy solutions, the shredders not working continuously?

IZABELLY MAY9 months ago

We are currently working with cogeneration projects within the biogas sector: we implemented the first AB InBev biogas cogeneration projects globally, and we are negotiating with some other important companies. In parallel, we are developing some solutions regarding the use of swine carcasses in biodigestion and a carcass shredder is a key element for this application. We have a project where we need to crush/grind 2 t/day of swine carcasses. What range of particle size can be obtained at the outlet of the equipment? (The smaller the particle, the better our the process, as it facilitates anaerobic digestion) How much would such equipment cost? I remain at your disposal for any further information. We can set up a virtual meeting this week to better discuss this case if you are available. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Ariel Olivera
Ariel Olivera9 months ago

We are on the need of a shredder for a plant of viscose rayon cellulose bamboo fiber. The plant is to be located in the surrounding of Montevideo-Uruguay. The capacity of the shredder is for processing 4.300 kg/hr of alkali cellulose. The working time is, 4 batches a day of 3 hours each, for a total production of 51.600 ton/day. Please I need a quotation for a shredder of this capacity or several with less capacity, but an added capacity equal to the needed in case of one shredder.  I am open to technical advice on the suject and I appreciate a technical sheet of leaflet about the machine(s). The price is CIF - Montevideo Port / Uruguay. Thank you

Andy Mynko
Andy Mynko9 months ago

Dear Sir, We would like to receive your best offer for the following item with a technical data sheet and catalogue. Delivery require at CIF Sohar Port, Sultanate of Oman. Pl. provide dimension and weight of shipment for calculating transportation cost. 01.DOUBLE SHAFT PLASTIC SHREDDER MACHINE MODEL NO : XD600 -1 SET MENTION MAKE / BRAND MODEL NUMBER, WARRANTY & MORE DETAILED SPECIFICATION ATTACHED LINK FOR ONLY REFERENCE . WE SHALL ACCEPT SAME OR EQUIVALENT MACHINE SO ATTACH ALL THE TECHNICAL SPECS Awaiting your reply. Best Regards

Adam10 months ago

E-waste shredder including eddy current and magnetic conveyor systems We do 10 tonnes of e-waste per week.

phatrarat10 months ago

Looking for shredder for industrial waste with capacity 1000tpd. Also, compactor and wrapping machine. If you have any machines that meet our requirements, please contact me back.

Nashir. Manji
Nashir. Manji10 months ago

Looking for a shredder for sugar cane bagass, Need to know the price and delivery time, should be Industrial size high production and the final size 5mm.

Ronniebar10 months ago

I'm interested in your machine. I want to know Technical DATA for All-Purpose double shaft and single shaft Such as Motor kW ? Drive ? Thought put (tons/hour)? size of product? size shredding chamber (LxW)?

Than sein
Than sein11 months ago

We are looking for heavy duty shredder, application: contaminated oil and gas pipes (4” - 10”) valves, separation tank (cuts ~ w 500-1000mm t 5-15mm) or your advised dimension and thickness output size 10-30mm or what is possible from your side.

Thomas12 months ago

We are looking for the shredder that able to shred general waste (Food waste, Plastic, textiles, wood and etc) Output size from 1cm to 5 or 6cm Thank you.

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