Advantages of industrial waste shredder

When talk about the industrial waste, we think of all the worthless garbage that pollutes the environment. In fact, industrial waste is also a hidden renewable resource. After the general industrial waste is broken by the industrial waste shredder, and then disposed and recycled by various processes, it will become valuable resources with useful value.

Advantages of industrial waste shredder

Industrial waste is different from domestic waste. General industrial solid waste mainly includes a large number of waste paper products, waste plastics, rags and various kinds of textiles, waste rubber, leather products, waste wood and other high calorific value wastes.

At present, the popular treatment method of general industrial solid waste in China is recycling. Industrial waste shredder is widely used and reasonable. The composition of industrial waste is complex and diverse, and most of them have the properties of high strength and toughness, so the pretreatment is difficult, especially the crushing difficulty is more prominent.

The general industrial shredding pretreatment requires high efficiency, environmental protection, quality and stability of waste shredder. GEP industrial waste shredder is developed by Canada's advanced crushing technology, which integrates mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and intelligent control technologies. The newly upgraded shredder structure, combined with the optimized cutter box design and full intelligent automatic control system, makes the industrial solid waste crusher with strong crushing capacity, convenient adjustment and maintenance, energy conservation and environmental protection.

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