China pays heavy attention to environmental crime

Chinese Supreme People's court held a press conference in Beijing on the 13 day, the "Chinese environmental resources trial (2016-2017)" (white book) and "Chinese environmental justice development report (2015-2017)" relevant content, and answered questions from reporters. On the press conference, the Supreme People's court vice president and deputy party secretary, informed the following data, July 2016 to June 2017, the people's courts at all levels of environmental resources were hearing criminal cases 16373, concluded 13895 criminal penalties, 27384 people.


Prior to July 2016, the Supreme People's Court issued "Chinese environmental resources trial" (white book), first systematic review of environmental resources Chinese trial to explore the development gradually mature from the start-up, informed the national court of environmental resources judicial work.

November and December of 2016, the Supreme People's court and the Supreme People's Procuratorate had jointly issued "Applicable legal interpretation on the handling of illegal and destructive mining criminal case" "Applicable legal interpretation on the handling of criminal cases of environmental pollution".

December 2016, April 2017, the Supreme People's court has issued 11 environmental criminal typical cases including the Tengger Desert pollution series of criminal cases.

The white book published this year shows that over the past year, the Chinese courts strengthening environmental criminal trial work, increase efforts to combat environmental pollution and ecological damage of illegal and criminal acts, to protect the country's ecological environment and natural resource security.

Source: China news

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