Which manufacturer of domestic waste shredder has good quality?

ethan 2020-12-11

With the rapid development of China's social economy, the acceleration of urbanization process and the rapid improvement of people's living standards, the waste generated in the process of urban production and living also increases rapidly. To be crushed and recycled, there is a need for a domestic waste crusher. Which manufacturer of the domestic waste crusher has good quality? Of course, it's GEP ECOTECH.

Which manufacturer of domestic waste shredder has good quality?

GEP ECOTECH specially designed the domestic waste double shaft shredder according to the process requirements. The equipment adopts low speed, high torque and high wear-resistant cutting tools, with large output, high efficiency and strong continuous working performance, and the output is as high as 80 tons / hour.

Our company introduced North American domestic waste double shaft shredder technology and independent research and development, which well adapted to the domestic garbage unclassified, large moisture, miscellaneous types and other characteristics. According to the proportion of different kinds of garbage, we design crushing equipment with different knife shape, different torque and different technology.

The waste separation equipment is composed of garbage storage bin, hoisting and feeding, crushing, screening, air separation, specific gravity separation, magnetic separation, transfer and other links, which can separate various kinds of waste into inorganic, organic, combustible, plastic, ferromagnetic and other renewable materials, and send them to the next system for harmless comprehensive treatment and resource-based cross recycling.

In the future development of domestic waste double shaft shredder, green will become the basic condition and the inevitable condition of marketing. Low carbon will also become the hard constraint condition restricting the economy. Green and low carbon will become an important link to produce value and benefit of domestic waste crusher equipment. As long as everyone has a low-carbon awareness, the development of GEP ECOTECH domestic waste double shaft shredder equipment will be better and better.