What Aspects Can PVC Plastic Be Used after Crushing with a Shredder?

Davina 2023-02-03

PVC was once the largest plastic in the world and occupied the key raw material position in the chemical industry for a long time. Even now, the position of polyethylene exceeds PVC plastic, but PVC is still the second largest market. Especially in the field of PVC plastic recycling and reuse, not only the amount of waste PVC plastic is large, but also the PVC particles after pretreatment are widely used. Just using a shredder for simple processing, you can realize the crushing of PVC plastic, slightly increase the roller screen, iron separator, sorting machine, granulator, etc., you can be reprocessed into new PVC particles raw materials, but also the price is not cheap.

PVC plastic processing can be used to press, extrusion, injection, coating and other ways, according to different types of processing into the corresponding materials and products. Among them, PVC door and window profile belongs to the profile plastic, which is the largest field of PVC consumption in our country, accounting for about 25% of the total consumption of PVC. In foreign countries, PVC profile plastic consumption still occupies the first place, such as 50% in Germany, 56% in France, 45% in the United States, etc. It can be seen that there is still a lot of room for growth in the consumer market of PVC profile plastic in our country. This provides a long-term sustainable market space for PVC plastics recycling.

PVC plastic processing

PVC profile plastic itself has a wide range of uses, using shredder and other pretreatment equipment processed into PVC particles, the use of a wider range. In addition to processing into new PVC profile products, such as PVC doors and Windows, PVC pipes, U-shaped groove, plastic strip, toys and various energy-saving, sound insulation, heat insulation materials in other fields, in the new market such as: "plastic steel" and "automotive lightweight, household appliances light and thin fashion" and other fields will also play a more and more important role.

PVC plastic shredder equipment

Recycling and reprocessing of PVC profile plastics is not only simple to operate, but also has a high product value. It has become a quite popular investment field in foreign countries. If you are interested in the reprocessing of PVC profile plastic, please feel free to contact us. As a long-term industrial solid waste treatment technology research and development and equipment manufacturing enterprise, GEP ECOTECH can not only according to your capital, site, collection and transportation capacity and other actual situation flexible design processing scheme, but also according to the scheme to adjust the design of processing equipment, to achieve tailormade. https://www.gepecotech.com/