Waste tire shredder for sale in Thailand

James 2020-11-07

All the time, the waste tire is known as Black Pollution, it has gradually become a major problem in the field of global environment protection. The management of waste tire is urgent. GEP double-shaft shredder can be well applied to shredding waste tire.

Turn waste tire into treasure

According to research, 1 ton waste tire (rubber) can produce about 0.35 ton carbon black, 0.12 ton steel wire and some combustible gases through thermal cracking. Compared with the disposal methods of waste accumulation, landfill, combustion and incineration, thermal cracking technology is more safe and environmental protection, energy saving, good comprehensive economy, in line with the development trend of the times.

Introduction of GEP waste tire shredding production line

This production line is composed of tire bead wire pulling machine, feeding chain plate conveyor, double-shaft shearing shredder, trommel screen and discharging belt conveyor. The production line adopts the structure design of the combination of the double-shaft shearing shredder and the trommel screen, which not only makes the output and the discharge size meet the requirements, but also meets the planning and construction needs of the customer's tire disposal production and operation.