Two Shaft Industrial Shear Shredder for Sale

Harris 2021-06-23

Two Shaft Industrial Shear Shredders are part of industrial shredders that are perfect for shredding all kinds of waste, production residues, etc. In a two-shaft shredder, material can be shredded both crosswise and longitudinally. In this case, the size of the teeth and the width of the disc part affect the final size.

Working Principle of Two Shaft Shear Shredder

The two-shaft shredder consists in the presence of two shafts that rotate in opposite directions. The raw material is fed through the feed hole, two rotating rotors with cutting edges, which are located so that the teeth of one shaft are inside, between the teeth of the other shaft. The teeth grab the material, pulling it deeper for further processing. At the same time, the side plates clean the knives.

Two Shaft Industrial Shear Shredder

Features of Two Shaft Shear Shredder

All major components are located in a single frame, which makes the equipment fairly easy to operate and maintain.

  • Rotor, knives, interchangeable holders and adjustable counter-knives made of high-alloy steel of high strength and wear resistance;
  • Sieve, for creating fractions of the same size;
  • Some models also have a hydraulic press function to help hold material for crushing and prevent slippage;
  • High torque gearboxes.

Applications of Two Shaft Shear Shredder

The main function of industrial shredders is the primary shredding of materials. They are excellent for shredding polymers, fabric, rubber, paper and cardboard, solid waste, wood products, furniture, illiquid household appliances, etc.

Advantages of Two Shaft Shear Shredder

The main advantage is high productivity due to the presence of two independent shafts that rotate in different directions, endowed with high-quality steel knives and the ability to quickly change them to maintain constant and continuous work. In addition, the twin shaft shredders are suitable for a wide range of products to be recycled. Their versatility makes them quite reliable and even a necessary part of some waste disposal production line. Due to its rather high technical performance, the two-shaft shredder is capable of shredding materials with a sufficiently large amount of metals.