Twin Shaft Industrial Shredder Output Particle Size

Shan 2022-12-09

The output particle size of the twin shaft industrial shredder has a great relationship with the materials to be processed. For example, when the twin shaft industrial shredder crushes bulky waste such as sofas and mattresses, the output particle size is mostly between 100-300mm, while it crushes kitchen waste, the output particle size is mostly 20-200mm. Therefore, the output particle size of the twin shaft industrial shredder is generally between 20-300mm, which can be adjusted according to specific needs. If you want a finer output size, the twin shaft industrial shredder is not suitable (the reason will be mentioned below), then you can consider configuring a fine shredder.

Twin shaft industrial shredder shred different materials

What is the main decision of the output particle size of the twin shaft industrial shredder?

After the crushed material of the double-shaft shredder is determined, the output particle size largely depends on the choice of the blade. A suitable blade can not only shred the material perfectly, but also effectively increase the output, while using an unsuitable blade will often occurs the following situations, such as  the output particle size is too large, the shredding is uneven, the shredding is incomplete, and even the knife collapses. So how to choose the right blade is very important.

Blades are divided into moving knives and fixed knives. Generally speaking, blades refer to moving knives. Because after the moving knife is selected, the knife cover (spacer) can be determined, and the relative fixed knife is also determined. The number of movable knife teeth (claws) determines the length of the discharge, and the thickness of the movable knife determines the width of the discharge.

Generally, the output particle size of the commonly used twin shaft industrial shredder is more than 2cm. Why can't the smaller output particle size be realized? Because to obtain a smaller output size, the thickness of the blade must be less than 2cm, such a blade is too thin, the service life is short, and the knife is easy to break, especially for materials with slightly higher hardness.

Double shaft industrial shredder shredding process

What kind of material is the twin shaft industrial shredder suitable for?

Double-shaft shredders are widely used, and are often chosen by customers because of their advantages such as large output, high torque, and wide material applicability. Although the twin shaft industrial shredder can shred almost all solid wastes that are common in life, it still has some areas where it is good at and some areas that are not suitable for use. Let's learn about some of them below!

Application field

  • Domestic waste disposal
  • Bulky waste disposal
  • Industrial Waste Recycling
  • Biomass power generation
  • Plastic, tire recycling
  • Harmless disposal of hazardous waste (chemical barrels, oil barrels, paint barrels, medical waste, dead animals, etc.)

Twin shaft shredders also have materials that are not suitable for shredding, such as:

  • Not suitable for crushing too thick metal materials (thick steel plates, metal bumps, etc.)
  • Not suitable for large quantities of hard materials such as stone or construction debris

output particle size of twin shaft shredder

At present, twin-shaft shredders are busy in domestic and foreign waste disposal projects. In some projects, they are used alone, or used together with single-shaft fine shredders and four-shaft shredders, and have become an important part of waste disposal equipment. If you want to know more about the output particle size of twin shaft industrial shredder or have other questions, please contact us and get answers from our sales engineers!