The advantages of Gep biomass shredder

Anna 2020-12-11

Biomass recycling is have very big market now as it has big amount and it is a good clean fuel for power station. In the biomass recycling process, the biomass shredder is an important machine. Before more used shredder is the integrated crusher or disc crusher, but now double shaft shredder is a better choice than the other crusher.

biomass shredder

GEP developed double shaft shredder as the biomass shredder after research the biomass features and it has been inspected by the market, that double shaft shredder is very suitable as biomass shredder.

Compared with the integrated crusher or disc crusher, GEP double shaft biomass shredder has many advantages:

1. Double shaft biomass shredder have few power consumption than the integrated crusher and disc crusher, so in the long term operation, the operation cost is reduced.

2. The structure of double shaft shredder is more strong and the design is more suitable for biomass, which can achieve much bigger capacity than the integrated crusher or disc crusher. Also with few fault, which can improve the working in high efficiency and ensure the qualified biomass material are continuously fed to the boiler for power generation.

3. The double shaft biomass shredder with special design to control the dust, so the operation site environment is very good.

biomass shredder

Besides the above advantages, GEP double shaft biomass shredder also have many other advantages, it is really a very good choice as a biomass shredder.