Small Industrial Shredder for Sale

Harris 2021-06-02

GS series small double-shredder adopts "single motor + reducer" drive design, which has compact structure, smooth and reliable operation. It is an industrial-grade shredder specially equipped for small-scale and intermittently running material reduction projects. The cutter material of GS small shredder is imported high alloyed steel, which have strong wear resistance and high breaking efficiency. It can meet the needs of customers with less material and low capacity.

Small Industrial Shredder for Sale

Technical Specifications

ModelPower(kW)Shredding chamber size(mm)Weight(t)Dimension(mm)

About Us

GEP ECOTECH specializes in the production of solid waste shredding equipment and integrated production lines, which can break: bulk waste, industrial dangerous waste, household waste, organic waste, waste tires, biomass, medical waste, plastic waste, etc. In addition, GEP ECOTECH can also provide intelligent monitoring system and intelligent dust control system for the production lines.