Organic waste shredder for sale

ethan 2020-12-23

Organic waste, also known as garbage, is the waste containing organic components in domestic waste. It is mainly kitchen residue, paper, fiber, bamboo and wood, fiber, etc. More than 50% of the municipal solid waste is organic waste. Now the state strongly advocates waste classification treatment, and many users are also buying organic waste shredder for treatment. How much is the organic waste shredder? How to buy? GEP ECOTECH answers for you.

Organic waste shredder for sale

Organic waste can be classified into recyclable and non recyclable. Therefore, before disposal, the organic waste should be sorted before further disposal. For example, plastic bags, plastic net bags, egg shells, foam boxes, etc. can not be recycled, and they must be sorted out. The vegetable leaves, root stems, green plant residues and husks can be changed through physical change and renewable, and they will be centrally installed into the designated storage boxes.

Organic waste treatment equipment includes press, compressor, incinerator and crusher. One of the most commonly used or crushing press production line. GEP ECOTECH is a professional manufacturer of organic waste shredder. The organic waste shredding production line of GEP ECOTECH which can directly change the organic waste into small size, reduce its capacity and reduce its volume, which is prone to physical changes.

The centralized organic waste and placed in the feeding conveyor belt of the organic waste shredder, then transported to the crusher along with the conveyor belt. GEP ECOTECH organic waste shredder is made of imported blade materials, with spiral shear design structure. For wet and soft materials, it is as easy as cutting vegetables, with strong cutting ability and crushing small particle size.

GEP ECOTECH is an organic waste shredder manufacturer that can provide intelligent service, intelligent monitoring system and high price performance ratio. In the production process, GEP pay special attention to the quality of the equipment and pursue the spirit of ingenuity.