Mobile Furniture Shredder China

Shan 2022-11-18

The mobile furniture shredder has its own mobile chassis, which can be quickly transferred between decentralized disposal points. The application of this machine eliminates the limitations of the crushing site, infrastructure, electric power and other factors on the furniture shredder machine, and realizes the multi-purpose application development of the furniture shredder in a true sense, that is, it can meet the crushing processing of various types of waste furniture through a one-time investment.

Mobile Furniture Shredder

The GPW mobile furniture shredder from the famous manufacturer-GEP ECOTECH in China, is a very popular mobile furniture shredder in the market. This machine can automatically shred waste such as waste wood, furniture, mattresses, and mixed domestic waste. GPW Mobile furniture shredders have many advantages, let's take a look at them below.

  • The structure is compact, no infrastructure is required, and the investment is relatively small.
  • Mobile design, flexible, convenient transition.
  • The equipment is stable and durable, and the wearable parts are made of high-strength wear-resistant steel to ensure the working life of the equipment.
  • The disposal output is large, which can reach about 30-60 tons/hour.
  • A variety of configuration options, flexible configuration of coarse, medium and fine shredding equipment according to customer needs, can also be equipped with feeding, conveying, magnetic separation equipment, optional intelligent monitoring and dust suppression equipment, etc.

Furniture Shredding

The development prospect of mobile furniture shredders is bright, because all kinds of waste materials produced by crushed furniture can be utilized almost 100%, and mobile furniture shredders will definitely be chosen by more and more customers. If you want to konw more, contact us!