Introduction of Municipal Solid Waste Recycling Line

Davina 2023-05-09

With the continuous acceleration of urbanization and the improvement of people's living standards, a large number of Municipal Solid Waste have been reused and reprocessed. The MSW recyclable product line is a new idea to effectively recycle waste. Below, I will make a description of the working process of the MSW recycling line.

Municipal solid waste shredding line  GEP ECOTECH

The working process of MSW recycling line is roughly divided into four parts: broken bag/crushing, magnetic separation, screening and manual sorting. The bag breaking/crushing in the first part is to break and simply break the bagged materials in the MSW, so as to facilitate the back-end material screening. The second part is magnetic separation, which can effectively adsorb the ferromagnetic metal in the material and is also a part of the profit source. The third part is screening, mainly the effective separation of materials, is an important part of the production line. The fourth part uses the manual sorting platform. The manual can use the belt conveyor to sort the material again after mechanical separation, so as to maximize the value of the material.

The whole production line design adopts integrated, real-time monitoring management, high degree of automation. We can also use "tailored" according to your project situation, to meet your project needs.