How to Improve the Calorific Value of RDF in the Production Process?

Shan 2023-05-27

The calorific value of RDF(refuse-derived fuels) is a key parameter that affects the energy efficiency and economic benefits of waste-to-energy plants. How to improve the calorific value of RDF in the production process has become a hot topic in the waste treatment industry. This article will introduce how to improve the calorific value of RDF in production through aspects such as raw material selection, process technology, and optimization management.


Raw material selection

(1) High caloric raw materials: The calorific value of RDF depends on the calorific value of the raw materials used. Therefore, selecting high-calorie raw materials is an important way to improve the calorific value of RDF. For example, polymers such as polyethylene and polypropylene, and food waste and green waste extracted through bio-manufacturing technology can be used as raw materials for waste incineration power generation.
(2) Low moisture raw materials: RDF have poor water absorption, and high moisture content can cause combustion to produce water vapor, which reduces the calorific value of the fuel. Therefore, the moisture content of the raw material should be controlled during the selection and processing process. At the same time, measures such as drying can be used to reduce the moisture content of the raw materials to the lowest level.
(3) Low ash content raw materials: The ash content in the raw materials is one of the important factors that affect the calorific value of the RDF, and high ash content raw materials will reduce the combustion efficiency. Therefore, low ash content raw materials should be selected.

Process technology

(1) Crushing technology: By using crushing technology to crush the raw materials into smaller particles, it can not only facilitate the compression treatment of garbage but also increase the density of garbage, increase the contact area between garbage and air, and increase the combustion speed. At the same time, the crushed raw materials are easier to mix and burn. Adopting grading crushing technology can better achieve fuel particle grouping, thereby improving the energy utilization rate during waste incineration power generation.

Domestic waste before and after shredding
Domestic waste before and after shredding

(2) Sorting process: Effective sorting technology can improve the purity of the raw materials and increase the calorific value of the fuel. For example, using magnetic separation devices to separate metal impurities, and using adsorbents to separate combustible components can increase the calorific value of RDF.
(3) Compression molding technology: Using advanced compression molding technology can reduce the voids inside the fuel rod, optimize the combustion surface area, make the fuel rod burn more fully, and increase the calorific value. In addition, using particle quality control technology will make the combustion surface area more uniform, thereby improving combustion efficiency.
(4) Pyrolysis technology: Pyrolysis technology can effectively separate organic matter in raw materials, increase the proportion of combustible substances, and further produce fuel rods with higher calorific value. At the same time, pyrolysis technology can also effectively remove hazardous substances in the fuel rod, resulting in fewer waste gases and residues.

Optimization management

(1) Ensure strict production quality control: In the production process of RDF, strict control of raw material quality and production processes is crucial to ensure the homogeneity and stability of the fuel rods. In particular, for some difficult operations, such as heat extraction, professional workers should operate to enhance the stability of the product.
(2) Upgrading production equipment: For aging RDF production equipment, it should be upgraded and repaired in time, use new production technologies, and new production equipment to improve the combustion efficiency and calorific value of the product.

RDF plant
RDF plant

Calorific value is one of the important indicators to measure the quality of RDF. There are several methods to increase the calorific value of RDF. One important method is to select suitable RDF production equipment. GEP ECOTECH has been focusing on the production of solid waste disposal equipment for many years and can provide you with detailed information on RDF production technology and equipment. If you have any questions, please contact us!