How Big a Motor Does It Take to Shred Cloth?

Shan 2022-12-23

How big a motor does it take to shred cloth? In the case of unclear material conditions, output, and output size, it is actually difficult to answer this question accurately. Because the shredder motor has a certain power, the higher the speed, the lower the torque. The speed is related to the output of the shredder, and the torque is related to whether the cloth can be shredded. For example, the cloth that enters the bulk material can be shredded with a small torque, while the cloth that is bundled requires a larger torque.

waste cloth

Usually shredded fabrics use a 22-250kw motor. If you want a more accurate answer, you must first figure out the requirements of material conditions, output, and output size, etc., so that professionals can recommend the appropriate motor size for you based on experience.

Cloth shredder motor selection criteria

The motor of the cloth shredder is selected according to the power required for the operation of the equipment. If this equipment only needs a 100KW motor, but you choose a 170KW motor, this is a bit overkill, although the motor will not be overloaded in this way, but the cost is a bit high, and the loss of no-load during operation will increase, wasting a lot of electricity. On the contrary, if you choose a small 80KW motor, the motor will be overloaded, and the motor will heat up. After a long time, the motor will easily age and burn. It is more appropriate to work at around 80% power.

cloth shredder motor

Of course, there are many other factors to be considered in order to find a suitable cloth shredder motor. If you are worrying about choosing a shredding motor, please contact us! GEP has countless experience in successful cloth shredding projects for reference. Our senior engineers will definitely select the right cloth shredder motor for you, so that your project can gain more profits!