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Recycling RDF from Waste for Cement Plants

Recycling RDF from Waste for Cement Plants

Alternative fuel RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) refers to solid secondary substances that are produced from waste and serve as a fuel in some types of production. Typically RDF is used as a supplemental or primary fuel in plants that operate smelting or reheating furnaces at high temperatures.The incineration of RDF in such kilns is much safer than using plain MSW, as cement plant heating kilns typically operate at temperatures of 1600 ° C or more. In such conditions, the overwhelming majority of harmful…

Refuse-Derived Fuel & Solid Recovered Fuel System

Solid waste is fed into the industrial shredding plant using a belt or feeder to reduce the material to the required size. For most materials, a twin or four-shaft shredder can be used to process the material to the target size in one pass; for piles or bales, a pre-shredding plant can be used to increase production and reduce the wear and tear on the core equipment.Use of an iron remover to remove ferrous materials and windrow or other equipment to remove other materials that cannot be burned.Pressing the…

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