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E-Waste Shredding

E-Waste Shredding

WEEE ShredderThe main components of WEEE include a wide range of plastics, circuit boards, metals etc. GEP Ecotech offers a range of twin and four shaft shredders that can easily meet the size reduction needs of WEEE by providing different sized screens to ensure a uniform particle size between 15 and 100mm. We have a wide range of shredders to suit different sizes of application, whether it is for small devices such as hard drives and mobile phones, or large waste such as fridges and washing machines.

What are the advantages of GEP e-waste shredder

With the rapid growth of electronic products, the disposal of obsolete electronic products has become a problem. E-waste resource disposal has become a hot topic. The recycling method of e-waste is physical shredding. After crushing and sorting of e-waste shredder and disposal production line, the recycling rate of e-waste is greatly improved. The harm of electronic waste is huge, but the value of recycling is also very large. After centralized treatment, relatively high renewable resources, such as copper…

Double shaft shredder used in electric waste disposal

The times are progressing, technology is developing, we often change new electric product, but most of what we've eliminated has become e-waste nowhere to go. According to the United Nations released Global Electronic waste Monitoring 2020, the report said that in 2019, the world produced 53.6 million tons of electronic waste, the highest in history. Butwiththe society development, there will be more and more electric waste, how to deal with the electric waste, it is a problem. GEP has developed double…

How do e-waste shredder helps the environment?

E-waste usually contains a large amount of toxic substances such as lead, chromium, mercury, etc., which causes great pollution and widespread harm. Improper disposal will not only cause waste of resources, but also cause great environmental pollution and even directly threaten human health. Through the professional disposal of e-waste shredders and supporting equipment, renewable resources such as copper, aluminum, plastics, and rare precious metals can be sorted out, which has great economic value.…

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