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Shandong Domestic Waste Treatment Plant Nears Completion

Shandong Domestic Waste Treatment Plant Nears Completion

It's September, the clouds are light and the sky is high, and it's a good season to do great things. The complete set of production line equipment manufactured by GEP ECOTECH for a domestic waste disposal project in Shandong has been delivered.As one of the local annual key construction projects, and thanks to the high priority and strict planning of government departments, this domestic waste sorting operation centre project, which has withstood the epidemic, has entered the final stage as scheduled after…

How to turn a flexible material into a hard "stone"

How to turn a flexible material into a hard

Domestic waste treatment refers to the treatment of solid waste generated from daily life or activities providing services for daily life, as well as solid waste considered to be domestic waste as defined by law and regulations, including source reduction, cleaning, separate collection, storage, transport, treatment, disposal and related management activities of domestic waste. The aim of treatment is to reduce the amount of waste produced and to make the "quality" (composition and characteristics) and "…

How to deal with domestic waste

Domestic waste also be called MSW (multi solid waste), MSW is solid waste produced in daily life or in activities that provide services for daily life. It can be divided into four categories: recyclable waste, kitchen waste, harmful waste and other garbage. Wood waste is sent to biomass power plant for power generation; metal items are sent to back-end recycling enterprises for recycling; other wastes (non-renewable) are handed over for incineration or landfill treatment.Through the comprehensive reuse of…

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