Single Rotor Fine Shredder GSS Series

Single Rotor Fine Shredder GSS Series

The GSS series single rotor shredder is suitable for processing a wide range of materials to a small and uniform size, with a maximum capacity of around 1 - 10 tons per hour and a discharge size of 30 to 100 mm, depending on the model of the machine, the type of material, the size of the screen and the field of application.


The GSS single rotor shredder is a versatile machine suitable for recycling operations in production of valuable secondary raw materials. By adjusting the rotor speed and screen size, the final discharge size can be controlled and is suitable for the treatment of municipal solid waste, the production of fuel derived from waste, etc.

Working Principle

The motor drives the cutter shaft to drive the rapid rotation of the cutter, the material entering the shredding chamber is pushed by the feeder to the middle of the movable cutter shaft and the fixed cutters, the cutters on the shaft and the fixed cutters cooperate to shear and tear the material for shredding, the unqualified material is brought back to the shredding area by the cutters for further shredding, the material reaching the size of the discharge falls from the screen to achieve the purpose of shredding. The size of the cutters and the size of the screen holes are selected according to the user's requirements.

Single Rotor Fine Shredder GSS Series

GEP Ecotech's single rotor fine shredders are reliable and efficient recycling machines, particularly suitable for a wide range of solid waste fine shredding applications. The adjustable rotor speed ensures optimum performance depending on the material, and the pusher ensures automatic and smooth material entry, guaranteeing output and stability.

Features and Advantages

Adopt the inclined type pusher
Adopt the inclined type pusher, pushing material fast frequency, reduce no-load loss.
 screen and screen bracket
The screen and screen bracket adopt combined structure; the screen mesh is easy to replace and the cost is low.
movable cutter
The movable cutter seat and cutter grain are bolted, easy to disassemble and install, high maintenance efficiency.
hydraulically driven opening and closing
hydraulically driven opening and closing of the access door and screen, reducing the difficulty of access and maintenance.

Extended Information

  1. Equipment Price and Terms of Delivery?

    GEP Ecotech conducts business around the world, the delivery price of equipment changes frequently and is affected by multiple factors, including the price of raw materials, the delivery location, and the specific configuration of the equipment. You can inform us of your specific needs by filling in the form in our website or contacting our online service. We will send you the latest quotation after receiving your request.
  2. Differences between single-shaft fine shredder and double-shaft shredder

    Similarities: (1) the cutters are all arranged in a V-shape to reduce feeding resistance; (2) both adopt GI intelligent technology, which enables automatic lubrication, intelligent monitoring and abnormal alarms to reduce the risk of failure; (3) the drop screens are hydraulically opened to save maintenance costs and improve production continuity.
    Difference: (1) single-shaft fine-shredding's cutting tools are bolted to the cutting holder, which is also bolted to the rotor; double-shaft fine-shredding's cutting tools are bolted to the cutting holder, which is welded to the rotor; (2) single-shaft fine-shredding's pusher is curved, while double-shaft fine-shredding has no pusher; (3) single-shaft fine-shredding's drop screen and drop screen bracket are of split structure, so only the drop screen needs to be replaced when replacing; double-shaft fine-shredding's drop screen and the drop screen bracket is a one-piece structure, the replacement needs to be replaced as a whole.
  3. What materials can be shredded in a fine shredder?

    Most of the fine shredders are used for secondary or tertiary shredding, and the discharge size is concentrated in the range of 30-100mm. The materials that can be shredded are: domestic waste, industrial waste, general plastic for injection molding, extrusion and film blowing, non-ferrous metals such as copper and aluminums, wood such as wood pallets, round wood and wood trimmings, copper and aluminum core cables and composite cables, glass fiber products, car windshields, sealing tapes, etc. composite materials, unqualified products and expired items that need to be safely destroyed, etc. The range of applications is wide.

Industry Solutions

Waste Tire Shredding & Recycling System, Waste Tyre Recycling PlantConstruction& Demolition Waste Disposal System, C&D Waste Recycling PlantMunicipal Solid Waste Disposal System, MSW Shredding & Sorting PlantRefuse-Derived Fuel & Solid Recovered Fuel SystemIndustrial& Commercial Solid Waste Disposal SystemHazardous Waste Disposal System, Hazardous Waste Recycling PlantPre-Shredding System for Biomass Power Plant, Biofuel Shredding Plant

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