Industrial Solid Waste Recycling and Disposal Project in Ningxia, China


The project owner is a technology-based new materials enterprise, and the requirements for equipment are high efficiency, easy operation, easy maintenance, and the ability to dispose of multiple materials, in order to minimize operating costs. The combination of hydraulic hoist, single rotor fine shredder, and intelligent control system we designed meets these conditions. The start/stop, lifting, and flipping of the hydraulic hoist are all operated with one button, and can be stopped as needed; In addition to intelligent control, the hydraulic driven pusher and hydraulic opening and closing inspection door of the single rotor fine shredder are also very good in improving shredding efficiency and facilitating maintenance and repair. From strict material selection to precise processing, these are all guarantees of equipment quality, making it more durable and stable, naturally reducing costs. The customer believes that the GEP shredder is a good machine worth purchasing.

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