Double-Shaft Shredder GDL Series

Double-Shaft Shredder GDL Series

The GDL series shredder is a dual-shaft shearing shredder designed by GEP Ecotech specifically for bulky waste disposal. It can reduce the size of various household and office furniture, mattresses, electrical appliances waste (W.E.E.E.), and other bulky items efficiently and economically, reduce space occupation and disposal costs, improve delivery efficiency, and promote recovery recycling.


Bulky waste is a variety of bulky furniture, garden waste, W.E.E.E, etc. that is collected through specialized removal routes. Bulky waste contains many different and valuable resources which can be recovered and reintroduced into the raw material cycle as well as the generation of high-quality substitute fuel for thermal utilization.

Working Principle

The bulky waste shredder uses double motors + double planetary reducer to drive the two cutter shafts to reduce the size of the material through the shearing, squeezing and tearing action of the blades. The distance between the cutter teeth on the blade determines the length of the shredded material, and the thickness of the blade determines the width of the shredded material.

Double-Shaft Shredder GDL Series

Working Principle

GEP Ecotech's GDL double-shaft shredders are optimized for bulky waste disposal, with large feed sizes, high shredding efficiency and easy reduction of bulky waste from a wide range of materials, and we also have sorting equipment for efficient sorting of the shredded material.

Features and Advantages

GI intelligent system
GI intelligent system can provide real-time feedback on equipment operation data and automatic alarm stop for failure to avoid accidents.
Anti-winding fixed cutter
Anti-winding fixed cutter design to cope with large pieces of waste flexible textile material disposal, realizing more easily shredding.
main shaft and cutters
The main shaft and cutters are made of high-strength alloy steel with multi-step finishing process for long service life.
Hydraulic auxiliary pressing device
Hydraulic auxiliary pressing device is tailor-made for large volume of bulky waste, more convenient operation and maintenance, more efficient.
Internationally renowned brand bearings + multiple combination seals,
Internationally renowned brand bearings + multiple combination seals, dustproof, waterproof and dirt-proof, guaranteeing continuous operation.
Intelligent centralized control system
Intelligent centralized control system with advanced man-machine interface, more time-saving, labor-saving and mind-saving for on-site operation.

Extended Information

  1. Equipment Price and Terms of Delivery?

    GEP Ecotech conducts business around the world, the delivery price of equipment changes frequently and is affected by multiple factors, including the price of raw materials, the delivery location, and the specific configuration of the equipment. You can inform us of your specific needs by filling in the form in our website or contacting our online service. We will send you the latest quotation after receiving your request.
  2. What is the processing of the bulky waste disposal production line?

    Bulky waste are sent to chamber by heavy chain conveyor, the material is shredded into smaller granularity by double-shaft shearing shredder. Metal materials are automatically discharged into the caching device by the iron separator, while other materials are transported to the garbage truck by a closed belt conveyor. The production line is equipped with intelligent monitoring and professional dust suppression system to realize environmental protection, intelligence and automation.
  3. Three mainstream methods of bulky waste disposal.

    The first is the manual dismantling way to dismantle and subdivide the bulky waste, the advantage is that the dismantling is relatively clean and the utilization rate is high; the disadvantage is that the labor cost is high and the dismantling efficiency is low.
    The second is to shred all the materials in a unified way by means of a bulky waste shredder. The advantage is that the reduction of capacity and quantity is obvious, fast and efficient; the disadvantage is that the resource utilization rate is low.
    The third type is the work of multiple bulky waste shredders in series, which shred the bulky waste in a unified way to make it as small as possible and then sort it for disposal. The advantages are mechanized, fully automatic disposal and high resource utilization rate; the disadvantage is high investment costs.

Industry Solutions

Waste Tire Shredding & Recycling System, Waste Tyre Recycling PlantConstruction& Demolition Waste Disposal System, C&D Waste Recycling PlantMunicipal Solid Waste Disposal System, MSW Shredding & Sorting PlantRefuse-Derived Fuel & Solid Recovered Fuel SystemIndustrial& Commercial Solid Waste Disposal SystemPre-Shredding System for Biomass Power Plant, Biofuel Shredding PlantHazardous Waste Disposal System, Hazardous Waste Recycling Plant

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