Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher

Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher

The vertical shaft impact crusher is one of the most common manufactured sand equipment. GEP Ecotech's vertical shaft impact crusher is popular in the market for its significant advantages such as large feed size, high sand forming ratio, low wear and low energy consumption. Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher can produce the best-shaped aggregate for asphalt and concrete mix due to its special rock-on-rock crushing technology.


Construction waste recycling, decoration waste recycling, aggregate processing, mineral rock crushing, cement industry raw material processing, steel slag processing, etc.

Working Principle

The vertical shaft impact crusher combines two crushing modes, stone to stone and stone to iron, and can crush hard materials such as concrete and waste bricks in construction and renovation waste to very small sizes, usually for secondary or tertiary fine crushing, and has a shaping function, the finished product is mostly in cubic shape, with low flake content, ready for subsequent recycling.

Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher

Extended Information

  1. Equipment Price and Terms of Delivery?

    GEP Ecotech conducts business around the world, the delivery price of equipment changes frequently and is affected by multiple factors, including the price of raw materials, the delivery location, and the specific configuration of the equipment. You can inform us of your specific needs by filling in the form in our website or contacting our online service. We will send you the latest quotation after receiving your request.
  2. Safety maintenance of vertical shaft impact crusher

    The internal wear and tear should be checked regularly and replaced or repaired in time, especially to ensure the timely replacement of wearing parts; (2) The appropriate amount of lubricant should be added after 400 hours of operation, the bearings should be cleaned after 2000 hours, and new bearings must be replaced after 7200 hours; (3) When the equipment is running at high speed, the operator should stay away from the equipment and should never open it for observation. Before repairing on the machine, the power must be cut off.
  3. Installation and commissioning of vertical shaft impact crusher

    It should be installed on a horizontal concrete foundation and fixed with ground bolts; (2) When installing, attention should be paid to keep the main body vertical to the horizontal plane; (3) After installation, check whether the bolts of each part are loose and whether the main body barn door is tight; (4) Configure the power supply line and control switch according to the power of the equipment; (5) After the inspection is completed, no-load test run can be carried out.
  4. Ways to extend the life of vertical shaft impact crusher rotor bearings

    Selecting the correct type of rotor bearing;
    Improving the balance accuracy of the rotor;
    Adjusting the reasonable impact load;
    Improving the support flexibility of the bearing seat.
  5. Precautions for feeding the vertical shaft impact crusher

    (1) When operating under load, the feeding size should not exceed the maximum size of the equipment ‘requirement; (2) When feeding at the beginning, there is usually a non-equilibrium process of 30-60s, at this time, the feeding should not be stopped, and the feeding should be increased as much as possible until the vibration comes down; (3) When the feeding size is large, the vibration will be intermittent for a few seconds and then return to normal, this is a normal phenomenon, please do not be nervous; (4) If the motor current is too large and the motor is overloaded, the feeding quantity should be reduced until the current value is normal.
  6. Causes of high bearing temperature in vertical shaft impact crushers

    (1) The motor is overloaded for a long time; (2) The main bearing is damaged; (3) The bearing lacks grease; (4) The grease discharge slot is blocked.

Industry Solutions

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