waste tire recycling solution

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Waste tire recycling solution/Whole car tire shredder/granulator

Waste tire recycling solution/Whole car tire shredder/granulator

Core equipments of Gep tire recycling solutionTwin shaft shredder&four shaft shredderTire wire separatorRubber granulatorRubber block breakerApplications(what car tires we can process)Available for small car tires ≤ 800mm, large car tires ≥ 900mm, pneumatic and solid tires, radial and bias tires and many other tires.Q:What about OTR tires and other gaint tires? / Is it fully automatic or semi-automic?A:Contact us and learn more!Why do you have to recycle the waste/scrap tires and what we can get from this…

Introduction of waste tire recycling solution

In recent years, the amount of waste tires produced has risen rapidly, the amount of waste tires produced in 2019 is about 330 million, of which about 290 million are usedcartires, accounting for 88% of them. Waste tires, if not properly dispose,not only bring environmentalpollutionand safety risks, but also cause resourceswaste. Used tiresare made from rubber, steel, carbon black andother chemicals, rubber, steel, belong to recyclablematerial.Nowadays, the industry of comprehensive utilization of waste…

Waste tire recycling solution

GEP waste tire recycling equipment GEP waste tire recycling line consists of tire bead wire drawing machine, feeding chain plate conveyor, double-shaft shear shredding, rotary screen and discharge belt conveyor. The production line adopts the structural design of the combination of double shaft shear crusher and annular roller screen, which not only meets the requirements of output and discharge size, but also meets the planning and construction needs of customer's tire disposal production and operation.…

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