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Waste Tire Shredding & Recycling System

Waste Tire Shredding & Recycling System

The rubber and steel wire in end-of-life tyres are valuable recyclable materials. Rubber can be used to make tyre-derived fuel (TDF) for power stations and cement kilns, to make granules for resilient paving, to make rubber powder for use in asphalt, to crack oil or to make recycled tyres, among many other uses. GEP Ecotech designs tyre recycling solutions according to project requirements and we guarantee our customers the highest production quality and flexibility, while reducing energy consumption and…

Tire recycling shredder crush waste into powder

As shredder manufacturer, we manufacture advanced tire recycling shredder in this industry. We can provide every step of the tire recycling system. Waste tire shredder The shredder is designed with the capacity, the biggest diameter of the tire. After primary shredding, the scrap tire size is around 5-10cm. Wire free system Actually, wire free means remove the steel wire away from the rubber. The scrap tire will enter the steel wire separator and magnetic separator by belt conveyor. Through these two…

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