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Reinventing the Value of Solid Waste by Focusing on Four Areas

Reinventing the Value of Solid Waste by Focusing on Four Areas

Since its inception, GEP ECOTECH has always been committed to the innovative development of green technology and the recycling of solid waste as its own responsibility, guided by market demand, constantly improve the product series, improve product quality, and domestic waste disposal, industrial waste disposal, agricultural and forestry waste disposal and construction and decoration waste disposal as the main business areas, deep ploughing, roots, deep roots.

Hydraulic baler used in solid waste recycling

During solid waste recycling, after the shredding, sorting, usually the final process is to pack the material, send the material to Incineration plant after packing. So hydraulic baler is also important during solid waste recycling. GHP series horizontal hydraulic baling machine is mainly suitable for compression and packing of loose materials such as bulky waste, domestic garbage, paper mill garbage, waste textile, agricultural and forestry waste and so on. Packaged items not only greatly reduce storage…

Several common used shredders in solid waste recycling

With the society development, we all know the importance of solid waste recycling, we are doing more and more to do solid waste recycling to reduce the pollution to our beautiful earth caused by all kinds of solid wastes. So we are exploring more better way to do the solid waste recycling. Many technique and machine will be used in solid waste recycling process, today I will introduce several common shredders in solid waste recycling. Primary shredder: GP series hydraulic primary shredder is one of the…

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