plastic shredder for sale

GEP EOCTECH has many waste plastic shredder for sale, such as single shaft plastic shredder, double shaft plastic shredder, four shaft plastic shredder, etc. Users can select the appropriate model according to their needs. Our plastic shredder is automatically controlled by micro PLC, with functions of start, stop, reverse and overload automatic reverse.

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Plastic shredder for sale in Europe

With the environmental awareness raising, people know that plastic will have big damage to our earth environment, so many countries carry out the policy to reduce the use of plastic. The global plastic restriction action has been upgraded, and the problem of waste disposal has become prominent. 186 countries signed supplementary provisions to the Basle Conventionin, and the parties agreed on the import and export of waste plastic products. With the wave of global plastic restrictions, more and more…

Plastic shredder for sale in Norway

We sold plastic shredders in Norway, The customer is big plastic recycling company there, the shredders are used for the PP and PE plastic materials shredding and recycling. The total equipment including: feeding conveyor, primary shredder of GD8 double-shaft intelligent shredder, GE20 Single-shaft shredder, transit conveyor, magnetic separator, output conveyor, process capacity around 4-6TPH, with output size around 50mm. Main equipment specification:GD8 Double-shaft intelligent shredder Power: 2*55KW;…

Waste Plastic Shredder for Sale in Vietnam

Plastic waste refers to waste plastics or products in daily life and other activities which are pollute the environment. Waste plastic products have become one of the main components of municipal solid waste. It is urgent to disposal plastic waste. Waste plastic shredder application Waste plastic shredder for daily use: plastic water cups, tablecloths, baby diapers, waste plastic bags or artificial leather bags, plastic cosmetics bottles, medicine bottles, etc. Waste agricultural plastic products: waste…

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