industrial fabric shredder

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Small industrial fabric shredder

Small industrial fabric shredder

Fabric recycling backgroundCurrently, the total amount of garbage in the world is increasing year by year at an unpredictable rate. With the implementation of policies in various countries, many cities around the world have successively entered the era of mandatory garbage classification and recycling. For example, waste textile waste generated or discarded in industrial production and people's lives actually has a high added value. They can be used as high fuel value RDF/SRF fuel or for further processing…

Which manufacturer to choose for industrial fabric shredder

The intelligent GX series single-shaft fine shredder is a professional industrial fabric shredder specially designed by GEP ECOTECH. The size of the crushed material is less than 10 cm, and the maximum capacity of a single production line can reach 30 tons according to the equipment selection. The GEP GX series fine crusher uses the interaction between the movable knife and the fixed knife, and controls the discharge particle size through a screen. It is often used for the fine crushing of various solid…

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