Coconut Shredder Machine

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Coconut Husk Shredder Machine Philippines

Coconut Husk Shredder Machine Philippines

Coconut palms are very common in the Philippines. In addition to the delicious coconut meat and coconut water, discarded coconut shells are also a valuable resource. For example, coconut shells can be crushed and then made into strong building boards to replace traditional wooden boards or plywood. Crushed coconut husks in small pieces can also be mixed into the soil to moisten the soil etc. It can be seen that crushed coconut shells have many uses, so what do we use to crush coconut shells for reuse in…

Coconut Husk Shredder Machine

The coconut palm is one of the most useful tropical trees and is used for food, beverage, shelter, animal feed, and is grown industrially for the edible and highly saturated oil contained in the flesh of its fruits. The tree can survive 50 years without needing much attention and the fruits drop throughout the year. The nut has a smooth epidermis over a fibrous mesocarp (husk) that covers the hard endocarp (shell). A thin brown layer (testa) separates the shell from the endosperm (kernel, flesh, meat),…

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