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Biomass shredder for sale in Philippines

Biomass now is used widely for electric power generation, mainly using agricultural, forestry and industrial waste as raw materials, the heat created by combustion makes steam drive turbine to generate electricity. The development of biomass energy has long been a global trend,in developed countries, the position of biomass energy is extremely important. Countries all over the world have begun to actively develop clean renewable energy, vigorously promote straw and other biomass power generation.…

Biomass Shredder for Sale in Philippines

Biomass mainly refers to lignocellulose such as straw, tree and so on, in agricultural and forestry production process, scraps of ventures in agroindustry, agricultural, forestry waste and animal manure in animal husbandry production process. GDB double-shaft biomass shredder in Philippines We provide 8 sets biomass shredder GDB315 with feeding belt conveyor and discharging belt conveyor. GDB315 is used for biomass fuel pretreatment, the output size is about 10-15cm, which can be boiler fuel. Our shredder…

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