Waste tires recycling, has been the hot point and development trend of new industry

Waste tires Waste tires Waste tires

A large number of waste tires accumulate and occupy the land, polluting the environment and endangering health, resulting in huge waste of resources and potential safety problems. The recycling of waste tires has become a pressing problem. Data shows that China has a large number of waste tires every year, only in 2015 the total amount of waste tires in about 330 million, or about 12 million tons, and this figure in the annual rate of 8% to 10% increments.

GEP Ecotech to provide you with waste tires, intelligent crushing system overall solution.As the only one to achieve intelligent solid waste crushing equipment manufacturers, GEP Ecotech has helped many domestic and foreign environmental protection enterprises and rubber tires recycling companies establish intelligent shredding equipment production lines.

1Product application

8~20 mesh

Mainly used in runway, road cushion, cushion plate, lawn, paving elastic
layer, sports site pavement, etc.

8-20 mesh


Mainly used in the production of reclaimed rubber, modified rubber powder, paving,
rubber board and so on.



mesh: It is called fine rubber powder, applied to rubber filling,
plastic modification and so on.



It is called superfine rubber powder, mainly used in automobile tires,
rubber products, building materials and so on.


Waste tire recycling not only reuse the waste garbage, but also centralized disposal, reduce pollution, promote the high added value of waste tire utilization of resources, it has profound social significance and economic benefits, in line with the strategy of sustainable development and market.

1. Intelligent shredding system.

GEP Ecotech design the shredding solution with intellectualization, systematization, specialized, customization, greatly reduced the maintenance cost and labor cost, prolong the machine service life.

2. Environmental protection sector has become a pillar of emerging industries.

The state strongly promotes the waste sorting and resource recycling policies, so that the waste tire recycling industry can accomplish much! GEP Ecotech will provide good service and support to customers in this field.

3. GEP Ecotech can provide one-stop turnkey project services.

Through equipment supply, debugging, installation, after-sales service, to create greater value for customers.

2Processing technique

Processing technique

3recommend products

GEP Ecotech technical team covers mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, automation and other high-end talents. After understanding the customer's detailed requirements and survey project site, we will provide a detailed project designing, make a reasonable selection of equipment configuration, equipment list and project cost, design site foundation drawings, according to the special requirements make the special solution design and process flow. In addition, we also invite customers to provide some special materials to our factory, we design customized tools, cutters, shredding chamber and power systems according to the customer's materials characteristics, so that customers can buy the most suitable shredding machine!

Four shaft shearing type shredde Two shaft shearing type shredder

4Product customization

GEP Ecotech supply the customized solid waste crushing equipment to our customers, before we give our customers crushing system schemes, will require our sales people have in-depth communication with our customers, require customers to provide enough detailed material information and shredding requirements, and as far as possible to provide photos of crushing material. We will provide the targeted crushing plan according to the customer's material actual situation.

Product application

5project consultation

GEP ECOTECH has rich experience in solid waste solution, and is specialized in answering customers' questions, providing EIA reports and project approval related waste tire shredders'production line or equipment information ,assisting customers to complete project approval and helping customers to realize value.

We provide you with free value-added services

free value-added services


Intelligent high pressure spray dust suppression device Automatic induce dust filter diagram

1: Intelligent dust suppression system. It is one of our main products, we can offer customer the optional solution of wet dust suppression or dry dust collection.

2: Our intelligent technology can make the lowest dust suppression cost.

3: Our systemized shredding technique can suppress the dust from where it produced.

4: Unique design of the equipment, equipped with professional damping facilities, low speed, high torque, small vibration, low noise, fully meet the environmental requirements.


GEP Ecotech has a perfect equipment and technical training system. After installation and commissioning, our engineer training the worker for operation and maintenance,

Routine project installation and commissioning schedule

Routine project installation and commissioning schedule

Routine project training schedule

Routine project training schedule


GEP Ecotech has a complete and effective service system, providing customers with targeted design, site planning, guidance, installation, professional and technical training services. The customer intelligent file service system based on the Internet of things technology has realized the remote monitoring of the use of customer equipment, so that technical services are more convenient and efficient, and the failure loss is reduced to the minimum.



GEP Ecotech has the industry's leading CNC machining center, ensured the production capacity and processing accuracy of each component in maximum, guaranteed the performance and quality of equipment.

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