Complete solutions for one-stop waste sorting center
One stop solutions of waste sorting center

The waste sorting has stepped from the 1.0 era to the 2.0 era. The domestic waste sorting center has formed a complete closed-loop mode of front-end classified delivery, middle-end classified collection and transportation, end classified treatment.

In response to the call, to achieve the goal of harmless, reduction, resource utilization and industrialization disposal of waste proposed by the country. With rich waste disposal experience, GEP focuses on providing customers withe a complete one-stop waste sorting center with high efficiency, energy saving, cost optimization, duration guarantee and after-sales care from scheme design, equipment manufacturing, installation and construction to specialized intelligent operation and maintenance services solutions. According to the actual situation of the project and the composition of domestic waste, different.

EPC project of domestic waste disposal center
GI intelligent monitoring with better security and efficiency

GI intelligent monitoring with better security and efficiency

GI intelligent monitoring with better security and efficiency

Six functions of GI intelligent monitoring system

GEP GI intelligent monitoring system makes use of Internet of things and big data technology to build a comprehensive information processing platform, which can effectively realize real-time supervision and statistics of the production situation of the whole production line. Through real-time visual monitoring video to see the the workshop site, timely grasp of the operation of the equipment, know the progress of waste disposal in real time in room. Once the equipment fault is detected automatically by the control system, the system will initiate abnormal early warning, realize fast fault location and reduce the incidence of fault.

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