Waste Tire Shredding & Recycling System

Waste tires are known as "black gold mines" and are of great recycling value. For example, direct retreading and reuse, recycling steel wire to make steel, rubber grinding to make rubber powder, pyrolysis to make oil, cement rotary kiln or power station alternative fuel (TDF), etc., the benefits are considerable.

Market data shows that recycled products from shredding and grinding of waste tires are more expensive than directly recycled tires. GEP ECOTECH has been working with waste tires for many years and offers a wide range of options for recycling waste tires.

Shredding and grinding: complete waste tires are shredded and ground to remove non-rubber impurities (nylon fibres, steel wires) to obtain different mesh sizes of pure rubber powder. These materials can be used to make recycled rubber, modified asphalt, runways and other products.

Cracking pre-treatment: After being shredded into blocks and separated from the steel wire, waste tires are sent to a pyrolysis reactor where they are made into oil for use as fuel, combustible gas for power generation and carbon black, which is more expensive on the market.

Making TDF: The calorific value of waste tires is over 8000 kcal, which is higher than burning coal at 5000 kcal. Cement plants, power plants, steel plants and smelters in many European and American countries use shredded waste tires as fuel to reduce production costs for their companies.

GEP ECOTECH designs professional and reliable tire recycling solutions based on project requirements. We guarantee our customers the highest production quality and recovery rates, while reducing energy consumption and production costs.

Rubber Powder

Rubber Powder

Rubber Track

Rubber Track

Recycled Rubber Products

Recycled Rubber Products

Waste Tire Shredding & Recycling System

Small-Scale Solution

This is a waste tire recycling solution suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises. The production capacity of a single production line is usually less than 3 tons per hour, main processes include shredding and separation. Rubber blocks (size can be customized), steel wires and fabrics can be separated. Optional equipment includes granulators, rubber breakers and grinders, cracking equipment, dust removal and other equipment.

Benefits of GEP Ecotech Small-Scale Tire Recycling Plant

  • Cost-effective, specially developed double-shaft shredder, only one machine can shred the entire tire to the ideal size.
  • Flexible configuration, can be equipped with different equipment according to the final application and production requirements.
  • Low initial investment cost, Low operating investment, Long-term reliability.
Small-scale tire recycling plant

Medium and large Solution

This is a tire recycling solution designed for medium and large projects, with capacity of more than 10 tons per hour(single line). The system uses large GDT series shredder or multi-stage shredding equipment (as required) to shred the tire to the required size, and then use a wire separator to separate the steel wire from the tire to obtain rubber piece. Then according to the final needs, the rubber will be shredded, ground or cracked.

Take advantages of GEP Ecotech tire recycling expertise to help your project succeed
large-scale tire recycling plant

Project Cases

  • Waste Tire recycling plant
  • Waste Tire recycling plant
  • Waste Tire recycling plant
  • Waste Tire recycling plant

Scrap Tire Shredding & Cracking Project in Thailand

GEP ECOTECH has designed a tailor-made solution for the pre-shredding and disposal of tire cracking and refining at a waste tire cracking and disposal centre in Thailand. The end-of-life car and truck tires are recycled and then extracted, shredded and magnetically sorted to produce 50mm pure tire rubber blocks of the required size for the pyrolysis plant, with an output of 8-10 tonnes per hour in the shredding process.


  • Double Shaft Shredder for Waste Tires
    Double Shaft Shredder for Waste Tires

    Integrated drum screen, Shred the waste tires to required size.

  • Rubber Block Breaker
    Rubber Block Breaker

    Reduce the shredded tire rubber block to a smaller size, and separate the steel wire in the interlayer.

  • Tire Wire Separator
    Tire Wire Separator

    Shred the pre-processed waste tire rubber blocks into 16-30mm grains, separating the steel wire.

  • Tire Wire Drawing Machine
    Tire Wire Drawing Machine

    Pull out the steel wire in the waste tyre all at one-time, and prepare for the subsequent shredding tires or tyre pyrolysis.

  • Uniform feeder
    Uniform feeder

    Spread materials evenly for easy follow-up processing

  • Rubber Granulator
    Rubber Granulator

    Reduce the shredded rubber crumbs into small particles.

  • Fiber Separator
    Fiber Separator

    Separatethe minor fiber and fluff from the rubber powder to improve the purity of crumb rubber.

Shredding & Recycling for Various Solid Waste

GEP Ecotech offers size reduction equipment and recycling/disposal solutions for different solid wastes, which will help to improve resource utilization efficiency and reduce the space taken up in landfills.

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