Construction& Demolition Waste Disposal System

Construction and demolition waste(C&D Waste) comprises of the debris generated during construction and demolition activities, is golden resource in the wrong place. After sorting, shredding and recycling, most of them can be reused as recycled resources. For example, scrap metal can be made into various sizes of steel; bricks, stones and concrete can be used to replace sand for masonry mortar and plastering mortar, and can also be used to make paving bricks, lattice bricks and other building material products; combustible materials such as wood panels, plastics, doors and windows can be used as fuel to generate electricity.

GEP ECOTECH's construction and demolition waste disposal system maximizes the recovery of usable materials from waste through a series of processes such as mechanical sorting, crushing, shredding, soil removal, iron removal, air separation and flotation, reducing pollution and improving resource utilization while creating economic value.

The disposal system is available in both stationary and mobile versions. The stationary version has a complete production system that allows continuous production, facilitates integrated management and effectively controls production costs; the mobile version is ideal for small to medium production requirements and environments where operations are often mobile, flexible, easy to transfer, no infrastructure required and economical. We can configure the most reasonable and efficient disposal solution according to customers needs.

Construction and Demolition Waste

Construction and Demolition Waste

Stationary C&D Waste Disposal Plant

Stationary C&D Waste Disposal Plant

Mobile C&D Waste Disposal Plant

Mobile C&D Waste Disposal Plant

Construction& Demolition Waste Disposal System

Stationary Processing Version

This is a solution for centralized waste process, which can handle a large amount of mixed demolition and construction waste, with strong production capacity, high stability and powerful functions. According to your specific needs, the entire system can include feeding and pre-screening, crushing and shredding, material sorting, cleaning, aggregate optimization, packing and compression, dust removal, water treatment and other modules.

Benefits of GEP Ecotech Stationary C&D Waste Recycling Plant

  • Maximise the recycling of construction, demolition and other solid waste.
  • Maximise the production of high quality recycled sand and aggregates that have good size and shape.
  • Minimise manual participation and reduce operating costs.
  • Flexible, equipment can be expanded when needed to increase production capacity.
  • Compact, Specially optimized layout helps to save land occupation.
GEP Ecotech designs waste disposal plans according to the specific needs of customers.
Stationary C&D Waste Recycling Plant

Mobile Processing Version

The mobile C&D waste recycling system is suitable for crushing, sorting and recycling construction waste at the demolition site or landfill. It can be moved at any time when needed, which helps reduce transportation costs. The mobile system can be composed of mobile crushers, mobile shredders, and mobile screening equipment.

Benefits of GEP Ecotech Mobile C&D Waste Recycling Plant

  • Flexible, strong passability, movable at any time, no infrastructure costs.
  • Stable, able to work in the worst demolition site.
  • Integrated unit, no on-site installation is required, and different unit can be combined at any time according to work needs.
  • It complies with road transportation regulations and can be moved on public roads.
GEP Ecotech designs waste disposal plans according to the specific needs of customers.
Mobile C&D Waste Recycling Plant

Project Cases

  • Stationary C&D Waste Recycling Plant
  • Stationary C&D Waste Recycling Plant
  • Stationary C&D Waste Recycling Plant

Stationary C&D Waste Recycling Plant in Anhui

This is a 3 million tons per annum construction and demolition waste disposal project in Anhui, the East of China. It was built with the participation of GEP ECOTECH. The treated construction waste products are used to manufacture the new environmentally friendly wall materials developed by the company, which are energy efficient, environmentally friendly and safe. The core equipment is a parallel mounted impact crusher with high efficiency, good particle size, good gradation and low operating costs.

  • Mobile C&D Waste On Site Recycling Plant
  • Mobile C&D Waste On Site Recycling Plant
  • Mobile C&D Waste On Site Recycling Plant

Disposal of construction waste in Guangdong, China

GEP ECOTECH provided the Guangdong customer with a proven technical solution and a full range of disposal equipment, including: mobile impact crushing plant, mobile screening plant, mobile heavy duty screening plant, water flotation machine and an intelligent dust suppression system. The whole plant's capacity can up to 150 tonnes per hour. The sand and gravel aggregates produced are used for brick making and the residue is used to produce inorganic mixes, all finished products can be used in urban greening projects.


  • Jaw Crusher
    Jaw Crusher

    Crush large pieces of hard concrete, masonry, asphalt, etc.

  • Impact Crusher
    Impact Crusher

    Reduce concrete blocks, bricks, etc. in construction and demolition waste to the required size.

  • VSI Crusher
    VSI Crusher

    Turn concrete, asphalt, masonry, etc. into manufactured sand.

  • Double Shaft Shredder
    Double Shaft Shredder

    Shred metal, plastic, waste wood, etc.

  • Flip-Flow Screen
    Flip-Flow Screen

    Efficient screening of difficult, sticky or wet materials.

  • Circular Vibrating Screen
    Circular Vibrating Screen

    Multi-layer screen, simple structure, reliable and durable, save energy. Suitable for separating particles.

  • Wind Sifter
    Wind Sifter

    Separate light from heavy materials with the use of an air stream.

  • Rotary Drum Screen
    Rotary Drum Screen

    Separation of solid waste by using the buoyancy of water.

  • Iron Separator
    Iron Separator

    Separation of ferrous metals such as steel bars in C&D Waste.

Shredding & Recycling for Various Solid Waste

GEP Ecotech offers size reduction equipment and recycling/disposal solutions for different solid wastes, which will help to improve resource utilization efficiency and reduce the space taken up in landfills.

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