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Intelligent bulky waste shredder and disposal system in Fujian, China officially put into production

AIShred 2021-03-15

Since the implementation of waste classification, various cities in Fujian, China have gradually established an intelligent disposal system from front-end collection to terminal, effectively realizing the reduction, harmlessness, and resource disposal of bulky waste. Bulky waste disposal has a "good place", turning waste into treasure.

bulky waste shredder and disposal system in China

In the Fujian bulky waste disposal center, an intelligent bulky waste shredder and disposal system has been debugged in an orderly manner. The whole set of equipment runs smoothly and all parameters meet the design requirements. It has been praised by customers and passed the acceptance and was officially put into use.

bulky waste shredder and disposal system

The intelligent bulky waste shredder and disposal system adopts a fully enclosed design and fully automated operation. The site is clean and hygienic, safe and efficient, and can process 30-60 cubic meters of bulky waste per hour. This set of bulky waste treatment equipment integrates intelligent transportation, intelligent crushing, automatic magnetic separation and other functions, which greatly improves the environment for bulky waste crushing, reduces the pressure of manual sorting and processing, and realizes rapid waste disposal, effective volume reduction and resource utilization.

Intelligent and efficient: GI intelligent system, intelligent monitoring, intelligent maintenance, intelligent linkage;

Energy saving and environmental protection: high-efficiency intelligent dust reduction system, fully enclosed design, to avoid secondary pollution;

Stable and reliable: Integral tool box, high-strength spindle, imported tools and bearings ensure the stable operation of the equipment;

Compact structure: modular design, small footprint, scientific and reasonable feeding and discharging process;

Mature technology:A number of high-end boutique cases have joined hands with the sorting center to help build a waste-free city.

bulky waste shredder and disposal system

Bulky waste is misplaced "resources". The commissioning of the GEP intelligent bulky waste shredder and disposal system will further improve the terminal processing capacity of bulky waste collection and transportation, and enhance the added value of bulky waste. Through dismantling, recycling and processing of bulky waste, green environmental protection and resource utilization have been realized to a certain extent, and resource waste has also been reduced.

From the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau to the coastal islands, GEP ECOTECH is passing vivid practical cases time after time, demonstrating GEP ECOTECH's professional capabilities and competitive advantages in solid waste resource disposal solutions, and conquering customers with strength.