Realize carbon emission peak, carbon neutrality, Gep is taking action

On April 22, World Earth Day, President Xi Jinping was invited to attend the Leaders' Climate Summit by video and delivered an important speech entitled "Building a Community of Life for People and Nature Together", and put forward "six insistences" to explain the core meaning and practical path of the concept of building a community of life for people and nature together, demonstrating to the world China's responsibility as a great power.

China's announcement that it will strive to achieve emission peak by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2060 is a major strategic decision based on promoting the building of a community of human destiny and achieving sustainable development, which means that China, as the world's largest developing country, will complete the highest reduction in global carbon emissions intensity and move from emission peak to carbon neutrality in the shortest time in global history, which will undoubtedly be a tough battle.

The terms "emission peak " and "carbon neutrality" have been frequently mentioned by the Chinese government since they were first raised at the 75th session of the UN General Assembly in September 2020. The term " emission peak " refers to the point at which annual carbon dioxide emissions from a region or industry reach a record high and then go through a plateau to enter a process of continuous decline, marking the historical inflection point at which carbon dioxide emissions turn from increasing to decreasing, and the decoupling of carbon emissions from economic development. Carbon neutrality means that an enterprise, group or individual measures the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced directly or indirectly within a certain period of time, and offsets its own carbon dioxide emissions by planting trees, saving energy and reducing emissions, so as to achieve "zero" carbon dioxide emissions.

The community of life between man and nature reflects the Chinese civilisation's reverence for the unity of man and nature and the pursuit of a harmonious coexistence between man and nature, which is the responsibility and mission established by GEP ECOTECH since its inception. At the same time, as a brave Chinese environmental protection equipment manufacturer, GEP has been promoting the realisation of carbon neutrality through equipment optimisation and upgrading and green manufacturing. The main product, the twin-shaft shear shredder, for example, adopts an integral cutter box (national patent certification: ZL 2017 2 1351102.3, ZL 2017 2 1349588.7, ZL 2017 2 1351290.X), annealed as a whole and machined in one go by high-precision machine tools, with high mechanical strength and high machining accuracy, ensuring a longer service life and lower maintenance costs of the equipment. The spindle and cutters are made of high-strength alloy steel, which has been heat-treated and processed with high precision for many times, thus possessing high wear resistance, strong impact resistance and long service life; the fixed cutter is made of high-strength wear-resistant steel plate, which can prevent winding and the occurrence of the phenomenon of winding and holding the shaft of strip materials or silk fabrics, effectively avoiding the economic loss caused by downtime. The design of single installation and fixed group makes it interchangeable and easy to replace and maintain later, reducing maintenance costs.

In addition to actively practising energy saving and carbon reduction by optimising the manufacturing process, GEP also continues to export high quality and high efficiency solid waste recycling equipment and customized solutions to various fields such as bulky waste disposal, biomass fuel pre-crushing, food waste comprehensive disposal, industrial waste comprehensive disposal, waste tyre recycling disposal, building-type hazardous waste crushing, domestic waste comprehensive disposal, construction waste and decoration waste disposal, etc. To achieve global carbon neutrality, the company is committed to providing quality and efficient solid waste recycling equipment and customised solutions to help government departments and other enterprises accelerate their journey towards carbon neutrality.

To achieve global carbon neutrality, countries around the world need to make more changes. As enterprises, we can achieve carbon reduction by using energy-saving facilities, using clean energy, developing carbon sequestration technologies, optimising production and manufacturing processes, recycling internal resources and actively planting trees. As individuals, we can also start by doing small things around us, such as clothing, buying less unnecessary clothes and reducing waste of resources; food, bringing your own cutlery as much as possible and using less or no disposable cutlery; housing, saving water and electricity and separating household waste; walking, cycling or walking for short trips as much as possible.

To achieve "emission peak , carbon neutrality" and build a community of life between human beings and nature, GEP ECOTECH CO.,LTD has been taking action.

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