Bulky waste disposal project in Huai’an passed the formal acceptance at one time

Recently, GEP ECOTECH provided a bulky waste disposal system for Huai'an large garbage disposal project. In the operation test, the parameters exceeded expectations and passed the acceptance at one time.

The project has a tight construction period and heavy tasks. During the equipment commissioning period, GEP technical engineers work overtime to install and commission the equipment, actively communicate and cooperate with customers, and conduct joint commissioning and test of the whole system. Finally, through the comprehensive evaluation, the equipment installation is meticulous, the production capacity meets the design requirements, and the GEP bulky waste disposal system meets all required standard and successfully passes the acceptance.

GEP bulky waste disposal system mainly includes bulky waste shredder, belt conveyor, GI intelligent monitoring system, intelligent dust suppression system, metal magnetic separator, etc. The system uses modular structure design, simple manufacturing process, easy installation, GEP after-sales engineer in the project site, only three days to complete the installation and debugging of the whole system, has won good customer evaluation!

The bulky waste disposal system adopts fully enclosed design, fully automatic operation, clean and sanitary site, safe and efficient, and can handle 15 ~ 40 cubic meters of bully waste per hour on average. This set of bulky waste disposal equipment integrates intelligent transportation, intelligent crushing, automatic magnetic separation and other functions, greatly improves the operation environment of large garbage shredding, reduces the pressure of manual sorting and processing, and realizes the rapid disposal, effective volume reduction and resource utilization of garbage.

How to deal with the bulky waste after recycling? The good end result of these "large pieces" is that they are collected through the community collection points, and then transported to the bulky waste treatment center. Through the GEP bulky waste disposal system, they are shredded, broken and sorted, and the recyclable parts are classified and reused, which greatly improves the urban health environment.

After the operation of Huai'an bulky waste disposal project, the bully waste and large garden waste will be collected and disposed in a unified way and recycled. This not only effectively solves the problem of bully waste and garden garbage treatment, but also realizes the recycling of resources, which has good social and economic benefits.

The successful acceptance of this project indicates that GEP's intelligent bulky waste disposal equipment and service ability have been highly recognized by customers once again, and the influence of GEP in the field of solid waste recycling has been improved. Next, GEP ECOTECH will continue to innovate and develop the field of solid waste recycling and disposal, and provide high-quality products and services for large-scale projects at home and abroad.

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