A quick overview of GEP bulky waste disposal projects

In 2010, the Ministry of Housing and Construction officially released the first regulation specifically for bulky waste disposal in China, "Technical Requirements for Bulky Waste Collection and Utilization" (GB/T25175-2010). In the context of waste classification, from 2017, Xiamen, Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai and other cities have released their bulky waste management methods, and group standards such as "Standard for the Setting of Bulky Waste Collection and Dispersal Facilities" (T/HW0002-2018) and "Technical Regulations for Bulky Waste Disposal" (T/HW00007-2020) have been introduced one after another. The development and implementation of these management methods and group standards play a positive role in regulating, promoting and guaranteeing bulky waste disposal in China, and also means that bulky waste disposal has received wide attention from the society.

Bulky garbage refers to waste furniture, waste household appliances and electronic products that weigh more than 5kg or have a volume of more than 0.2m³ or a length of more than 1m, and have a strong integrity and need to be collected and treated separately. The level of urban bulky waste management and treatment reflects the taste and quality of life of the city, and also reflects the level of ecological civilization construction.

In view of the many characteristics of bulky waste, GEP ECOTECH has launched a very applicable bulky waste disposal system, which has been put into operation in Shanghai, Gansu, Zhejiang, Henan, Sichuan, Tibet, Jiangsu and other provinces and cities, and has won wide praise from customers.

Jiangxi Bulky Waste Crushing and Disposal Project

Client: Jiangxi City Administration of a city

Size after crushing: 300-500mm

Capacity: 20-50t/d

Customer says: GEP's bulky waste shredder has high shear force, good crushing effect and low noise, especially the intelligent monitoring system, which can also be operated remotely from the cell phone, and can also use big data analysis to reduce the failure rate, which is especially worry-free and reduces the maintenance cost.

Tibet Bulky Waste Crushing and Disposal Project

Customer: A city waste sorting and disposal center in Tibet

Size after crushing: about 300-500mm

Capacity: 20-40 m³/h

The customer said: GEP's team is dedicated and responsible, and in such a high altitude area, they follow up the installation of the equipment and guide the operation, so the service is really in place. GEP is really a trustworthy manufacturer.

Henan Bulky Waste Crushing and Disposal Project

Customer: A domestic waste sorting center in Henan

Size after crushing: <300mm

Capacity: 4-8t/h

The customer said: For example, it takes only 40 seconds to crush a mattress from the time it enters the conveyor to the time it is finally crushed. This is a great processing capacity!

Jiangsu Bulky Waste Crushing and Disposal Project

Customer: A district city authority in Jiangsu

Size after crushing: 300-500mm

Capacity: 10-40t/d

Customer says: This disposal system has really achieved the original intention of customizing for bulky waste, the main crusher has high crushing efficiency, low energy consumption, and meets the standard in terms of noise. From equipment selection, solution design to installation and commissioning, we are impressed by GEP's service.

Fujian Bulky Waste Crushing and Disposal Project

Customer: A city authority in Fujian

Size after crushing: 300-500mm

Capacity: 10-40t/d

Customers say: Good equipment can get twice the result with half the effort, and this is what GEP bulky waste crusher is all about. GEP brand has a good reputation in the field of bulky waste disposal, of course, good equipment is the king, such as good quality, easy maintenance, high efficiency, intelligent these points, this system has all. Very satisfied, very satisfied!

Customer's satisfaction is our affirmation and praise, and also our inexhaustible motivation for continuous innovation. The road of exploration of GEP ECOTECH in the field of bulky waste disposal is still continuing ...

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