GEP ECOTECH has reached a cooperation with US customers, focusing on the crushing of vulnerable parts of fighter aircraft

Recently, US customers held a symposium with GEP Intelligent Environmental Protection and signed a cooperation agreement on the fighter wearing parts destruction project. The relevant project leaders of both parties attended the signing ceremony and witnessed the opening of cooperation between the two parties.

GEP Intelligent Environmental Protection

It is reported that the customer is the US equipment maintenance contractor in the Middle East. The main purpose of ordering the GEP ECOTECH metal crushing production line is to destroy the metal wearing parts of the decommissioned fighter. The signing of the two parties is aimed at opening up cooperation in the field of metal crushing and disposal, using metal crushing equipment to break up the wearing parts of the fighter into small pieces for destruction and disposal to prevent technology leakage.

In the early stage of the symposium, in accordance with the full communication and implementation of the two parties, GEP ECOTECH formulated the contents of the cooperation framework agreement in advance. At the signing ceremony, the director of GEP ECOTECH International Trade introduced the company and its products in detail, and introduced the customized fighter crushing solution in detail for customer needs. Customers have a positive attitude towards tailor-made metal crushing solutions. The two sides also exchanged views on how to better promote the follow-up cooperation work.

GEP Intelligent Environmental Protection

Subsequently, the customer visited the GEP ECOTECH production workshop to further understand the technical development, product features and production processes of GEP. GEP Intelligent Environmental Protection Director of International Trade enthusiastically accompanied the customers to visit the raw material warehouse, equipment finished products, production workshop, and explained in detail the production process, quality control process and process control process of GEP factory, and answered questions raised by customers.

In addition, the workshop showed the live work of the equipment, and the intuitive crushing site was deeply shocked by visiting customers. They said that the manufacturing strength and technical strength of GEP intelligent solid waste crushing equipment are trustworthy, and they are very optimistic about the project cooperation between the two parties and look forward to establishing a long-term cooperative relationship.

The signing of the cooperation agreement is the starting point and a good start for cooperation between the two parties. In the next step, GEP Intelligent Environmental Protection will focus on this cooperation, strengthen docking, custom design, manufacturing, and service guarantee, implement various communication contents, and make every effort to ensure that the project starts on time and is put into production on schedule.

The signing of this cooperation agreement marks that GEP Intelligent Environmental Protection has once again made a solid step towards the overseas market. As the leader of the solid waste disposal industry, GEP Intelligent Environmental Protection has been deepening and implementing the global development strategy, actively exploring the global industrial layout, and striving to become the world's leading system supplier in the field of solid waste disposal.

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