Improve the end disposal ability, accelerate the construction of Guancheng district waste sorting center

Recently, Zhengzhou Urban Administration issued The three-year action plan (2020-2022) (Draft for comments) for Zhengzhou to implement the full coverage of domestic waste classification and build the whole chain of collection, transportation and treatment system, which mentioned that by the end of 2020, the coverage rate of domestic waste classification in Zhengzhou will reach above 95%, the recovery rate of domestic waste classification will reach above 35%.


Waste classification leads people's livelihood and civilization. The classified delivery and management of domestic waste reflects management level and civilization of the city. In order to comprehensively improve the level of harmless and resource-based utilization of waste, Zhengzhou promotes the construction of domestic waste sorting centers in all districts. Through sorting and refining the waste terminal disposal, it is possible to recycle and reuse various resources, so as to effectively avoid the phenomenon of disordered back-end disposal.

As one of the nine districts domestic waste sorting centers in Zhengzhou, Guancheng sorting center project covers an area of about 26 mu, with a total construction area of about 9000 square meters, the total investment is about 58 million CNY. The construction progress is advancing rapidly. At present, the civil engineering and steel structure installation of the bulky waste and garden waste treatment workshop have been basically completed, and the equipment has been installed. In the next step, the power system, fire protection installation, interior decoration and other works will be carried out; the civil construction and steel structure installation of recyclable materials treatment workshop have entered the final stage.

What is the difficulty of large waste disposal?


Similar to decoration waste, construction waste and many other wastes outside the traditional sanitation collection and transportation system, bulky waste has a large volume and complex composition, so it needs to be disassembled for treatment. According to the normal incineration power generation or landfill treatment, it will increase the difficulty of treatment, so it is necessary to carry out disassembly and separation pretreatment in advance.

Solve the problem -- Intelligent bulky waste disposal system

Guancheng district domestic waste sorting center selected GEP intelligent bulky waste disposal system, which can realize the centralized treatment, automatic disassembly and automatic sorting of bulky waste and garden waste, finally realize the goal of reduction, resource-based and harmless treatment of large waste.


GEP bulky waste disposal system adopts the process of shredding and sorting. After shredding, reducing capacity and sorting, bulky waste is transformed into reusable resources. The production line is composed of conveying system, shredding system, magnetic separation system, intelligent monitoring system and intelligent dust reduction system, which can turn bulky waste into treasure and improve the recovery and utilization rate. It only takes about 10-30 seconds for a mattress to enter the conveying equipment and finish shredding and sorting.


In the whole process of bulky waste disposal, operators can monitor the overall operation data and analysis of the production line in real time through GI intelligent monitoring system, know the equipment operation status in time, and realize the intelligent, digital and fine monitoring management of the production line. After the bulky waste disposal system is put into operation, it is expected to be able to process 40 tons of large waste per day, promote the resource utilization and harmless treatment of bulky waste and garden waste, form the industrial chain of treatment, promote the development of industrialization and realize the transformation of waste into treasure .Guancheng sorting center is responsible for the treatment of bulky waste and recyclable materials in the whole district. It will become a modern recycling base of renewable resources and wastes, which will lay a solid foundation for waste classification & resource recovery, realize the recycling of various recyclable materials, ensure the maximum benefit of waste classification and recycling, promote the waste classification work.

With excellent product performance, high disposal efficiency and perfect service guarantee. GEP bulky waste disposal system has become the star equipment of waste classification and disposal projects in various regions. Up to now, GEP waste disposal system has been widely used in Zhengzhou, Taizhou, Shanghai, Chengdu and other cities, the industry influence has been continuously improved, the brand value has been widely recognized by all sectors of society.

Under the background of the comprehensive implementation of waste classification, GEP will continue to explore the experience of domestic waste disposal, break the back-end disposal channel of waste classification, accelerate the construction of new solid waste disposal mode of the whole chain, and help the safe and environmentally friendly disposal of urban solid waste.

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